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Rubies Care Guide

Caring for Rubies the Easiest Thing to Do without Trouble

Apart from diamonds Rubies are equally popular stone as it symbolizes love and passion. So, this is the reason it is a perfect pick. These beautiful stones are used for making a wide range of jewellery starting from bangles, necklace, pendants as well as rings. Ruby is a popular stone because of its color which varies from red to reddish-brown that depends upon how much chromium is present in it. Ruby has a beautiful color and appeal but what makes the difference is the way you handle it.

Avoid touching it frequently

Rubies are such a stone that you want to constantly touch them in order to get the feel of it. But no matter how attracted you get to the stone it is important to avoid touching it because the oil from the hands gets transferred which forms grime on the stone. This changes the color and brilliance of rubies. So, unnecessary do not touch it just touch them when unnecessarily.

Important to keep as clean as possible

When it comes to ruby stones, they are easy to clean. No sophisticated machines are required to clean them. The basic things that are required are a soft toothbrush, gentle detergent, and lukewarm water. It is important to soak the jewellery in the solution this will remove the dirt as well as oil. So, with the help of a brush clean the inner part of the jewellery. This process should be repeated at least once a month.

Pay some attention while you wear it

Jewellery including rubies should be worn once the dressing up is over. Further perfume should be used before wearing jewellery. This is how you ensure the rubies don’t come in contact with lotions, moisturizers, and so on. As all this can make the ruby jewellery look very dirty. The first and foremost thing to do is keep the jewellery in the box.

Jewellery made up of rubies should be avoided during cooking and cleaning

Rubies are such a stone that has resistance to conditions like heat and light. But something as mild as lemon juice can damage the jewellery. Also, in a similar manner boric acid may cause a lot of damage to treated and untreated rubies.

Keep the Rubies as safe as possible

The way you keep your jewellery it affects their life as well as sparkle. In order to maintain the jewellery well one must not keep it in a container or a plastic. Rather look for a box which has got the fabric in it with different compartments. As far as possible jewellery should be stored on a flat surface because it will not rub against each other and in return it will not get destroyed.

Always notice details

The moment you take off your jewellery it is important to notice any damage. If ruby gets hit hard against a strong surface the stone may get chipped or fractured. Also, if you are wearing ruby ring it is important to make sure that it is not loose.

Make a visit to the jeweller

It is generally observed that one can distinguish between rubies whether it is fake or real. So, if you want to get it fitted make sure it is done in front of your eyes. This will prove that inferior stone is not used when the real one is replaced.

This proves that taking care of rubies is not a difficult task.