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1.) How do I know that the jewellery I have bought is genuine ?

Ans. All our Jewellery at are Hallmarked and Certified by Independent Labs of International repute such as EGL, IGI, GIA.

2.) What if the product gets misplaced/stolen during transit ?

Ans. All items that we ship are Insured hence please be rest assured that it’s our responsibility to ensure that you receive the ordered product .

3.) Why do you show the pricing break-up, no-one else does that ?

Ans. Infact at wholesale level, all jewellery is sold on a Bill of Material basis i.e. Your family jeweler buys jewellery in this manner only. We are Jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers and in-order to bring Transparency, we give you all the required details. If the jewellery that you have bought is Certified by a Reputed Lab and the Gold is hallmarked, then nothing else matters. Jewellery buying is a art and it’s all about Value Buying. Why pay unreasonable margins ? Next time please ask you jeweler to provide you these details .

4.) Do you ship to my location/ PIN Code ?

Ans. We ship to all prominent locations however in order to be doubly sure about service to your area, please give us a call on +91 98184 58248.

5.) Do you ship to International addresses ?

Ans. Yes, we ship to all prominent locations of US, UK, Canada, Europe, SE Asia and Middle East. In order to be doubly sure about service to your region/country, please give us a call on +91 98184 58248.

6.) What if I don't like the product after buying ?

Ans. We follow a 7days Money Back and Replacement policy. Please refer to

7.) Will you resize the Ring if doesn't fit ?

Ans. Of course, Yes. Finding your ring size is extremely easy and we strongly recommend you to visit sizer PDF Incase you face any issue with size, please feel free to call our Customer Care on +91 98184 58248 and they will assist you.

8.) What's your Buy-Back / Exchange policy ?

Ans. We offer a very transparent Buy-back and Exchange policy. Please read it here under exchange policy paragraph

9.) If I send a design, will you make it for me ?

Ans. Of course, Yes. Incase you have designed a jewellery or have liked something, please share it with us and we will provide you a very competitive No Obligation, Fair Value Estimate for your design along with a comprehensive break-up of cost.

10.) What are your delivery charges ?

Ans. Most of the other Online Jewellers offer free shipping,

why do you charge for shipment?

Ans. Shipments within India are Free but International Shipments will be chargeable. We work on wafer thin margins and would request you to compare our prices with any other site and you will immediately realize why others offer free delivery.