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Pearls Care Guide

How to Take Care Good Care of Pearls in the Easy Manner?

If you talk about the greatest jewel then the pearl is the one. Pearls are considered the best natural gift that is given to the people. They are extremely beautiful and feminine favored by women all over the world. It suits whosoever wears it. Further, it is important to take special to take care of pearls. The methods are different to maintain, store, and clean the pearls so that their shine is maintained. Below is the best way to take care of pearls:

The reason why pearl needs special care

The reason why a pearl needs special care depends upon the natural way it is formed. A creature like a mollusk secrets nacre substance on the bead so more the thickness of the nacre better is the quality of pearls. Due to this soft nacre, a pearl is durable as well as delicate. If a pearl does not have a good quality of the nacre can be chipped and as well as have cracks. This is the reason why pearl needs to have special care. Further one has to take special care of pearls because of the way they are held together. If it is not cleaned properly the strings can weaken, strain or break.

Best way to keep pearl glossy

Pearl is a natural gemstone that is extremely vulnerable to acidic and alkaline things. Humidity can also cause damage to pearl ornaments. In order to maintain the shine of the pearl, one must perfume, sprays, and other cosmetics. As the rule of the thumb, one must wear the pearl the last after dressing up and remove it the first once the occasion is over. Sweat can cause a lot of harm to the pearls so it is important to keep them away in a soft cloth.

Points to remember while wearing pearls

Avoid wearing pearls during the rainy season as one has to prevent the pearl from getting wet at any cost. This also means that pearls should not be worn while taking bath and exposure of pearls should be avoided to extreme humidity and heat. Further, if pearls come in contact with various liquids like fruit juice it is important to wipe them softly. Same goes if it comes in contact with vinegar, detergent, and so on.

The ideal way of storing pearls properly

Pearls are very hard stone and shock-resistant but it can get easily scratched if it comes in contact with sharp objects like diamonds. So, it has to be kept nicely so it doesn’t get scratched or tangled. One must invest in fabric-lined cloth if you want to keep rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and so on all made up of pearls. Lastly, one should store pearls for a long period of time.

The best way to maintain the attractiveness of pearl jewelry

It has been rightly observed that no matter how much you care for the pearl jewellery the part will become loose over a period of time. So, before wearing pearls it is important to observe different parts of the jewelry. The various parts of ornaments that need attention are the clasp of the necklace, pins, earrings, and so on. So, in order to avoid the loss of pearls the thread has to be restrung properly.

The method of cleaning pearl jewellery

Cleaning pearl jewellery is extremely easy you don’t have to be an expert. Just lay the jewellery on a soft piece of cloth and rinse it with a mixture of mild soap and water. Scrub it gently and make sure that the jewellery is turned. In order to remove the soap submerge it in cool tap water for more than five minutes.

Make sure the strings of pearls are intact

To take care of the pearl jewellery it is important to do stringing. If one observes the strand of the jewellery loosening up then one has to make it a habbit of restrung. The most important way to restring it is with nylon or string thread. Further, it is important to knot between each pearl if not done carefully there may be breakage.

How to make your pearl last long

There are several things to keep it in kind to keep the pearl radiant and they are: never use hard brush to keep the pearl clean, steam should be avoided for cleaning pearls, avoid using chemicals like chlorine, and ammonia, and so on. lastly, just avoid exposing the pearls to the heat as well as keeping in the plastic bags.