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Gemstones Care Guide

The Best Way to Take Care of Gemstones in a Trouble-Free Way

From the beginning of ancient times, beautiful gemstones have always impressed people. These types of accessories draw attention due to their beauty, color as well as shape. What makes them popular is their rarity and their nature-given toughness. But one should not forget the fact that gemstones also need a lot of care. They may have a lot of power of resistance but one can easily destroy it if proper care is not taken. In order to maintain the beauty of the gems, one has to take good care of them. Following are the ways how to keep them well.

The right way to clean gemstones

It is a known fact that all precious and semi-precious stones should be washed frequently. There is no need for special equipment to clean them. The basic way of cleaning is a soft brush, mild detergent, and water that is lukewarm. Then rinse the stone with the help of a soft cloth. It is important to clean the gems in a bowl of water. As if you wash somewhere else there are chances of losing them.

Points to think about for cleaning gemstones

Most of the precious and semi-precious stones can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. But there has to be an understanding of the nature of different gemstones before cleaning them. There are stones that are very sensitive. It is important to get an idea of cleaning before making an attempt at home. For example, one should not soak turquoise color stone should not be soaked for very long as it will lose its polish and shine. Also, one has to remove the sign of make-up before giving it a wash.

Cleaning through the ultrasonic method

If you use the method of ultrasonic then you have to keep one thing in mind first thing is that the ultrasonic method is a great way of cleaning stones but the method is not compatible with all kinds of stones. The stones like emeralds and moonstones get damaged if you clean them with the ultrasonic method. So you should use it when you are sure about it.

Important to keep the gemstones individually

The nature of all the gemstones is not the same. Some are hard but not all of them are hard. Let’s take an example of diamonds they are the hardest followed by sapphires and ruby. That’s why one should keep gemstones separate from other ornaments. In case you store them together things like diamond rings, and pearl bracelets may rub against each other causing a lot of damage. The best way to keep them is by storing them in various small pouches and even better if you store them in a fabric lining.

Prevent the gemstones from sunlight and heat

The strong rays of the sun are not only harmful to the skin but also to gemstones. When it comes to heat affects the color and durability of the stone. Further, there are stones that may get bleached like pearl and ivory due to the harsh rays of the sun. lastly, it can also fracture gemstones.

Gemstones should be kept at a distance from chemicals

When it comes to chemicals it is extremely harmful to the gemstones. Basic things can affect gemstones perfumes, hairspray, lotion, cosmetics, and so on. As all of them comprise chemicals of a different amounts. One can avoid chemicals by wearing the ornaments absolutely in the end and it should be the first item to be removed. Further, the gemstone ornaments should be kept away from household items like bleach and chlorine.

Important to take good care of treated gems

It is observed that sometimes gemstones that are colored are treated in order to improve their clarity as well as color. Like pearls are bleached with hydrogen peroxide, topaz is coated with metal oxide. It is important to understand whether gems have undergone treatment as it is important to take care of it accordingly.

Imperative to find out jewellery with lose stones

It is important to check always periodically. As the chances of stone becoming loose in the setting are quite high. Losing stone from expensive jewellery is the last thing that anyone wants. It is important to make sure that the prongs holding the stones should not get destroyed.

Things to be avoided while caring for gemstones

There are various things that should be avoided while caring for gemstones for example while traveling it is important to carry gemstones in different pouches, avoid wearing gemstones while gardening, and so on.

Gemstones are precious they are good as an heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to other.