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Why Customise ?

The happiness of something having your own and personalize which is just made for you is having another level of pleasure and close to heart, that is incomparable to all the choices made off with limited combination. Every moment creates a spectacular charm with customized jewellery as it is specially designed to glorify your look while considering your diva style. We believe when you are worth a unique personality why compromise with the design of jewellery and not be as per your style and personality to add a blinking star.

customise your jewellery
Step 1

we love to accept your design of jewellery or any idea or inspiration to specially customize for you to make your special days more memorable for you.

customise your jewellery
Step 2

we proceed by analyzing your specifications and evaluating the timeline to craft it with an estimated cost as per design.

customise your jewellery
Step 3

Sending payment invoice & confirming the order.

customise your jewellery
Step 4

With the high priority we cast your most valued design & As per final payment adjustments we deliver your final jewellery at your desired location


Every Story Is Unique

We believe that for the design you want customization there must be some unique inspiration or a story behind it. And it’s our responsibility to reflect that unique story into your jewellery piece with all the love and affection. The jewellery becomes only relevant when the sparkle stands out with your individuality. Each of you has a tale inside of you that is itching to be told. This story is waiting impatiently for the clarity of your inspiration, the ingenuity of our designers, and the flawless execution of our jewelers.

For Every Ocassion & Every Budget, Best Spoke

And it doesn't really matter whether that dream is small or extravagant. Your unplanned wedding treasure? Or simply some extra money that you'd want to put toward the design in your mind! Have you got heritage earrings to go with the pendant? Or simply a tight budget for a gift to your loved-one? There is absolutely no end to how far personalization can go in order to fulfill your needs and wants. We will work assiduously to provide you with a wide range of options so you may make an amazing decision. In the end, YOU are most important and we strongly stick to the philosophy of creating your design with our vision.


Valued Craftsmanship

There is nothing that can be impossible with science and advanced technology. Everything is replaceable. The one thing which cannot be replaced is the love that craftsmen give to valuable designs and the respect a craftsman has for the piece of gold he meticulously produces for you. The artist’s beauty, the ethereal tale you see in his eyes, and uses your vision to give it a reality. Your ease is his ease, and your impeachability is his pride. And he applies all of these feelings to his work as he creates a masterpiece that no machine can duplicate with the same flawless finish and complexity.

Take Part In A Journey Driven By Satisfaction

Dishi Designer Jewellery acknowledges and values each client's uniqueness. You are valued stakeholders of our company, and we want to foster that relationship with precious metals, jewels, designs, and jewellery aspirations that are all about you and your creativity.


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