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Emani Diamond Pendan…

Emani Diamond Pendan…

$2,065.79 $3,755.98 You Save
$1,690.19 [45.00% Off]

Ethah Diamond Pendan…

Ethah Diamond Pendan…

$1,914.36 $4,073.11 You Save
$2,158.75 [53.00% Off]

Sha Diamond Pendant…

Sha Diamond Pendant…

$2,014.26 $3,357.11 You Save
$1,342.84 [40.00% Off]

Diamond Pendant Design

There’s one thing that needs to be shopped for carefully it’s the diamond of your pendant with chain. After all, it is the centerpiece and deserves attention to detail. While browsing for various designs the 4Cs of diamonds must always be kept in mind.
The carat determines the weight and price of your pendant, the colour ranges from being opaque to crystal clear, the clarity of the diamond means that the diamond is pure. The more clearer the diamond, the better its quality. And lastly, the cut of the diamond pendant design can also affect the overall look of your design. The most common cut women go for is the classic round brilliant cut diamond that has a classic appeal.
Many people may not give the pendant design importance, however, it makes up most of your neckpiece and deserves as much attention as the pendant. While shopping for a pendant with chain, there are two things you need to look out for. It is the length and the design of the chain. The style you select depends on the purpose of your pendant with chain. If you will be wearing it solely on special occasions then you might want to go for a pendant that is wider and blingy so that it catches everyone’s eye. 

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