Mangalsutra is one of the most exquisite ornaments holding the couple together; it is the pendant their ancestors once wore. However, like any other piece of jewelry that one loves, it requires some care and maintenance to sustain its glow. The Mangalsutra pendant symbolizes the love and commitment that every woman loves to flaunt. To flaunt your love and commitment, your mangalsutra should always resemble you, shouldn’t it? Make sure to keep it with extra care and maintenance

Cleaning Your Mangalsutra

Due to our busy and occupied lifestyles, your mangalsutra can be covered with a dust layer, beads of sweat, or even splashes of makeup. You might have been having problems cleaning your mangalsutra.

From experience, what people like is a bowl of warm water. To achieve this, the following should be followed.

  • Take a few drops of gentle dishwashing soap that one uses.
  • Some things that may be useful for travel are a small but comfortable toothbrush if you’ll be eating meat- a soft one for the teeth- and a special brush for jewelry.
  • Microfiber fabrics are the ideal choice for the soft and free fibres of lint that can scratch the surface.

Gentle Clean Your Mangalsutra

  • Prep Time: Swallow this hard pill in a bowl with warm water and floating dish soap. Stir the water and hand soap lightly to make soapy water with weak foam.
  • Soak it Up: Boil the water and add a little soap to it, then, dip your mangalsutra into the mixture. Let the water soak for 5-10 minutes to soften anything clogging the stone’s pores.
  • Brush it Off: Using the toothbrush, brush the pendant’s outer side and the regions with details. Be sure to clean it gently is done gently because aggressive wiping or rubbing may harm or affect the carving on some of the stones.
  • Rinse and Repeat: After washing the mangalsutra with warm water and mild soapy water, you should rinse the mangalsutra in clean warm water so that you do not leave behind soap.
  • Dry it Right: In the case of a mangalsutra set with gemstones, do not rub or wipe it hard with a cloth, as this may damage the gems or the gold used in setting them. Another invention you can use to quickly for the drying process is using a hairdryer on the cool shot and not letting it be closer than six inches to your paintings.

Extra TLC for Different Materials:

  • Gold: As a rule, gold is a rather resistant material. However, it is vulnerable to rather sharp and aggressive chemicals. Avoid using harsh soaps to clean or scrub the surface when cleaning your ornaments. Do not scrub the surface as detailed in the gentle cleaning method above.
  • Diamonds and Gemstones: For the diamonds or any other gemstones, you may mix a little white vinegar in the cleaning mixture, that is, white vinegar diluted in water. Due to their delicate nature and potential chemical sensitivity, these should be rinsed thoroughly and preferably air-dried.  
  • Black Beads: Most mangalsutras have pleasant black beads down the centre line. For these areas, no special brushing is required. Just wash them in warm water with soap, rinse them, and then, after drying, ensure that you are very careful.

Things to Avoid:

  • Harsh Chemicals: It is always wise to avoid using any kind of dangerous cleaning agents for the skin, such as bleach, ammonia, and many others. Such habits can harm the metal and stones of the mangalsutra you use to carry the sacred thread.
  • Hot Water: Hot water should not be allowed to wash over the stones because it can loosen the setting and damage the delicate threads.
  • Scrubbing with Force: The main lesson to be learned is the gentle handling of the objects diligently. One type typically worn by married women in India is the mangalsutra; below are tips on how to clean it without damaging it.

Extra Tips and Tricks:

However, proper care of the mangalsutra does not end with cleaning and shining the mangalsutra jewelry. It’s basically a noble sentiment to pay homage to the emblem it stands for and the affection that it signifies:

  • DIY Cleaning Solution:

    If you have problems with your regular cleaning supplies and want organic products, use a teaspoon of soda with a cup of warm water. This holds especially well for gold and some gems; however, always consult your jeweler if you doubt your particular stones.

  • The Power of Polishing :

    If gold pendants need slightly extra polish, they can be put through a soft polishing cloth, which is ideal for jewelry. Nevertheless, one must not apply a polishing cloth to gemstones, for it tends to harm the gemstone by scratching it.

  • Re-Stringing with Love :

    The mangalsutra is composed of a chain and beads that may tarnish over time or get broken due to worn-out threads. There is no need to, but if you like, you can do it yourself using a fine polyester string that should be strong and thin. But to be more secure and for a more professional job, bring the bracelet to a jewelry store to re-string it.

  • Sentimental Storage :

     If they come with a family heirloom mangalsutras, they should be sealed in velvet bags or air-tight bottles to avoid getting rusty and dirty.

  • Insurance for Peace of Mind :

    In the case of finely crafted mangalsutras with additional Pukhrai or precious stone studded, it would be wise to have it insured to be safer.

Keeping the Tradition Alive:

It could hence be seen that proper care for the mangalsutra is a way of paying homage to the tradition that it symbolizes. It is known to symbolize love, loyalty, and a blessing. Using the above-presented tips, you can maintain this treasured piece as a part of your and your family’s narratives for as many generations as possible.

With some extra care and affection, proper mangalsutra can stay as a lovely adornment and a symbol of the marriage union. Mangalsutra is an ornament that should be kept with extra care and maintenance. So, we have mentioned all the tips and tricks for cleaning your mangalsutra with utmost care.