A mangalsutra is a symbol of women in Hindu marriage that perfectly represents the bond of love and commitment. Traditionally, it’s worn to showcase significance. But with evolving styles and desires for a perfect personalized look, many women wonder whether the mangalsutra can be worn with gold chains.

The answer is Yes! Modern sensibilities allow for your creative expressions, and there are beautiful ways to combine the mangalsutra with chains. Let’s explore in this article how to wear mangalsutra and chain together.

How to wear Mangalsutra?

Mangalsutra comes in various designs and styles. The simple design is black beaded chains with a pendant. The chain length depends on how long you wear it, and the pendant may be crafted with different metals like gold, diamonds, or other precious metals. Some mangalsutras are simple and yet elegant, with intricate designs and gemstones.

diamond mangalsutra

  1. Latest Mangalsutra Designs:

    Modern Jewellers like Dishis Jewels offer collections from delicate chains to tiny pendants. You can find different mangalsutras at Dishis Jewels, whether you are talking about the motifs, colored beads, or customizable options.

  2. Considering your Mangalsutra’s Designs:

    It is important to look after the mangalsutra design if you are planning to wear it with other chains. A simple mangalsutra might look good with elaborative chains, even if you talk about statement mangalsutra might look best on its way.

How do you choose the right chain with Mangalsutra?

gold chain

Choosing the right chain always makes sense; how? Wearing a mangalsutra with chains can be the right choice when wearing it with the right design and style of mangalsutra.

  • Latest Chain Designs:

    The world of chains is extremely vast. From delicate gold chains to chunky statement pieces, there’s a chain to complement any style. Consider some good necklaces with pendants, layered chains, or colorful beads and chains for a playful touch. 

  • Matching the Metal:

    Choosing chains made of the same metal as your mangalsutra is generally recommended. If your mangalsutra is gold, opt for gold chains. This creates a cohesive look and avoids a clash of metals.

  • Balancing Thickness and Length:

    When choosing other chains, consider comparing the length and thickness of your mangalsutra. A thin, long mangalsutra might get hidden next to a thick choker neckpiece. On the other hand, what can look vast, large, and in charge is that a statement from Mangalsutra might look too bold for a thin chain. 


Don’t be afraid to experiment with the styles. You can style differently in different ways. The only thing that matters is how you are wearing the mangalsutra.


Specific Ideas for Mangalsutra and Chains

  • Delicate Mangalsutra and Layered Chains

    : If you think of something beyond the imagination. Pair a simple mangalsutra with a set of thin gold chains in varying lengths. This creates a layered, delicate look that is perfect for the everyday look.

  • Statement Mangalsutra and Single Chain:

    A mangalsutra designed with a large pendant can be a unique and powerful piece of jewelry. Complete it with a slightly thicker chain to add a chic touch.

  • Gold Mangalsutra and Rose Gold Chain:

    Gold Mangalsutra and rose gold chain for a modern twist are the best ways to style yourself. Gold Mangalsutra goes best with the rose gold chain, adding a personality touch.

  • Black Beaded Mangalsutra with Silver Chains:

    The boho vibe with a black bead mangalsutra with delicate silver chains. The combination is both stylish and elegant.

These are some ideas that will help you to make the right decision. If you want something stylish, these designs will work best for you.

How does Dishis Jewels have the best Mangalsutra Collection? 

gold mangalsutra

Dishis Jewels has the absolute best mangalsutra collection. If you are in search of something really trendy and stylish, try out the best one on Dishis Jewels

  • Variety: One will likely come across several designs because they have something to offer all kinds of clients. This helps one to get a mangalsutra that fits their lifestyle in a more traditional, modern, simple, or lavish way.
  • Quality: Since gold or diamond jewelry appears in the evening, they know the material quality. It can also help ensure that the mangalsutra is beautiful when worn during traditional occasions, durable, and has longevity.
  • Design and Craftsmanship: One might think that whereas the pieces are invisible, they represent nice designs and skilled work. Even in mangalsutras, this can make them even more unique than usual rings for women.

Of course, the best mangalsutra is the one that best resonates with your inner beauty. Choosing a mangalsutra that feels comfortable to wear daily. Explore the wide collections of Dishis Jewels to find the perfect match for mangalsutra and chains. Choose the best that perfectly shows your style. Whether it’s a traditional wedding or a boho vibe, Dishis will not disappoint you with their collection. Check out here for the best jewelry.