The Met Gala, the most anticipated fashion event that attracts celebrities and conquerors, starts where jaw-dropping jewellery pieces may be found. This season, theGarden of Time” theme represented a brilliant opportunity for the fashion and entertainment gurus to give voice to their imaginations using glittering stones and magnifying creations. We will look into unforgettable, remarkable jewellery moments at the 2024 Met Gala, from iconic gemstones to ethical innovations.

Cardi B

The ones that took centre stage were the pair of emerald-colored gems. Jade’s dinner clothes with bracelets, earrings, and rings blanketed hers, with the emerald colour as the major theme and matching her long green nails. The glittering shades of the gems are exotic emeralds, perfection against the darkness of her dress. This vibrant statement confirmed the cardi-b as an extraordinary fashion design that is not afraid of setting a new direction.


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Alia Bhatt: Beyond Minimalism

Two years later, Bhatt again caught the media’s attention with her delectable pepper poire dress at the 2023 Met Gala.  This year, she nailed it in the jewellery section as well with pure multicoloured and decorated with basra pearls, emeralds, tourmalines, and sapphires. Last, but by no means the least, she wore a bejewelled headpiece crowning off her look, as well as other pieces borrowed from Sabyasachi’s Royal Bengal collection, featuring tourmalines, blue sapphires, gorgeous emeralds, and white diamonds cut on the old mine and brilliant varieties. 

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Isha Ambani 

Isha Ambani took the route instead of the more contemporary one, where she incorporated Indian art as the basis of her jewellery. Her accessories, other than the Jade clutch that features the Indian Miniature Painting by Jaipur artisan Hari Narain, were also to be eminently crafted. The earliest scenes showed a bird that became the national symbol, the Mayura. She showed up with a lotus hand bracelet, parrot earrings, and a flower choker by Viren Bhagat that best complements her overall look. 

Natasha Poonawalla

Natasha Poonawalla, of Indian origin, wore a Sabyasachi piece at Paris Pearl on her gala night; an Indian jeweller who successfully blended Indian and Western aesthetics. The headpiece, which reminded me of recognizable decorations on her clothing, was quite elaborate, with rings of precious stones, meenakari work, and probably pearls at its finest. 

Stories still tell us that couples must keep wearing either statement earrings and bangles or embellished nail art, which should be Sabyasachi’s creation. With specifics purposely left unresolved, it is apparent that a piece of jewellery by Poonawalla was crucial in creating the much-talked-about Met Gala ensemble. 

 Mona Patel

It’s perhaps safe to say her Iris Van Herpen dress, designed after the Garden of Time theme and featured butterflies, incorporated other nature-sourced elements or delicate butterfly motifs in the jewellery. Also, Mazari suggested that there may have been a political influence on how the jewellery looked, as the Indian crafts supported the designer. Though undoubtedly an attention catcher, the Mona Patel Met Gala jewellery is so far made of imagination as it might be a combination of traditional Indian and more modern design ideas. 

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Sudha Reddy

Indian billionaire Sudha Reddy was quite calm during this event. With her diamonds of more than 200 carats, she was the root cause of the whole commotion. The Everlasting Love, a 180-carat necklace pearl, made the most eye-catching with its centre featuring a 25-carat heart-shaped diamond with three more 20-carat heart-shaped diamonds on the sides. Lastly, on her fingers were two wedding rings made of diamonds, which were 23 and 20 carat, and the total appraisal value of the rings is about $20 million. 

Pamela Anderson’s Pink Diamond Debut

Pamela Anderson’s show-stopping entrance at her first Met Gala was an occasion.  Her appearance in a spectacular Oscar de la Renta dress and a fearless Noel Stewart headpiece stole all the limelight. 

The statement jewellery piece Anderson wore while transitioning into the new role as Pandora’s face marks a new milestone for the company. The modules with man-made pink and white stones, compacting approximately 200 carats, constitute the debut of Pandora’s endeavour towards a more novel and green stone substitute. The occupier of the red carpet was a statement necklace composed of a double chain that hung down Anderson’s back and was the main focus. This not only enhanced the beauty of the outfit but also conferred a subtle mindfulness of sustainable luxury, which might be the trend for the next season in the fashion industry. 

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Beyond Diamonds: Embracing Color and Innovation

Diamonds are always in style, but there was an inspiring use of colour and new materials at the 2024 Met Gala. Singer Janelle Monae wore a sculptural Iris van Herpen dress covered in opening flowers. Her jewellery also followed the natural theme by including statement earrings made of groups of colourful gems in peridot, amethyst, and citrine tones—these bright stones against dark settings made for an enchanting and unearthly sight. 

Meanwhile, actress Tessa Thompson sported large Bulgari sapphire earrings. The deep blue gems were cut into a unique geometric shape, dramatically contrasting her simple white gown.

Men Take Center Stage with Bold Jewelry

Conditions that pertain to women’s clothing have always been at the forefront of Met Gala events, but this year, there was a notable shift towards men’s more daring choices in jewellery. Actor Colman Domingo paid tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman and Andre Leon Talley by wearing a David Yurman silver and gold encrusted ensemble. 

The fine detail work done on the pieces gave his white cape suit an air of luxury while nodding subtly at Talley’s flamboyant nature. On the other hand, singer Harry Styles, known for his unconventional dress sense, has donned several mismatched pearl necklaces alongside a heavy Gucci chain. These different accessories went well with his quirky jacket, making him establish himself as someone who breaks all the rules regarding fashion.

Ethics Take the Spotlight

Sustainability was a prevailing night theme, with many celebrities wearing ethically mined or laboratory-grown gemstones. Pamela Anderson’s decision to wear Atelier Swarovski lab-grown pink diamonds on her Pandora necklace sent a clear signal. 

Likewise, the actress Emma Watson – a longtime advocate for ethically made fashion – wore a vintage Chanel gown and complemented this with the smallest delicate earrings in diamond set in ethical recycled gold. These subtle implications reinforce the discussion on the future of luxury jewellery and the responsible ways to accomplish this.

Janelle Monae’s Botanical Brilliance

And while a pair of earrings could never replicate the delicacy of a feather’s texture or the velvety bristles of a cat’s face, Janelle Monáe’s statement earrings were, in fact, a very carefully constructed tribute to the brilliance of the colours in nature. Her peridot, amethyst and citrine stones were selected for their association with growth, protection, and creativity. It was a fitting re-inscription of the organic lifecycle into Iris van Herpen’s gown, but it went further – the re-entry of fashion into the ecosystem.

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Vintage Vibes with a Modern Message

For example, Zendaya’s diamond bracelets with Art Deco-style geometric patterns were a charming wink to a past we can all look back on with glass-half-full emotions. The clean lines of the period denote women’s contributions to politics and design in the West, around the time of the First World War and into the 1920s. With this nod to the theme, Zendaya might have also been hinting at the historical place of women in society.

Lizzo’s Art Deco Extravaganza

Not only that, but Lizzo’s pendant diamond necklaces and chandelier earrings were an obvious Art Deco nod, bearing witness to her decade-long adherence to the movement’s lovingly crafted jewellery from its 1920s and 30s heyday. 

The geometric forms and the seemingly infinite small details of her finery were echoes of the heavy use of geometric motifs and abstracted form, the clean straight lines and bold geometry of the period; its founding principle of balance and symmetry was a perfect complement to the structured silhouette of her Atelier Versace gown, an outfit that in turn paid an understated tribute to a significant artistic period.

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Cultural Cross pollinations

Many famous people, such as Colman Domingo and Janelle Monae, have used their jewellery selections to create a visual dialogue between many creative traditions and civilizations.  Monae used Peridot, amethyst, and citrine as vivid gemstones in her earrings. These stones may have been inspired by pre-Columbian jewellery and art, where they had important symbolic importance.  Similarly, Domingo’s David Yurman-adorned set of silver and gold may be seen as a synthesis of African and European creative elements, representing his cultural background.


The 2024 Met Gala honoured artistic expression in all forms and was more than a glamorous event.  Fashion was elevated to a new level by the eternal power of creative inspiration, and the jewellery on exhibit ranged from historical allusions to cutting-edge developments. 

One thing is certain as the creative limits in the jewellery industry are pushed further: the pieces that adorn celebrities and fashion icons will never be just ornaments; instead, they will be tiny works of art that captivate audiences and ignite conversations long after the last picture is taken.