There are many ways in which a married woman can flaunt her marital status. From a trousseau to an expensive car or even the spouse’s surname, there are several signifiers of being hitched. However, none of them are as subtle as the mangalsutra. The string of beads is almost always tucked away beneath the woman’s clothing and hardly anyone ever gets to see it. But why? Is it because it is not worth flaunting or is there some deeper meaning to concealing this jewellery? Keep reading to know why you need to wear mangalsutra after marriage

It is a sign of purity

The diamond mangalsutra is a delicate necklace worn by married Hindu women. One of the reasons it is worn is to signify chastity, a woman’s purity. The diamond mangalsutra is similar to the Western concept of a wedding ring, in the sense that it is a sign of marriage, a sign of purity. The mangalsutra is a symbol of a woman’s purity and it is to be worn by her until her last breath. It is not a mere ornament that she can take off when she is tired of it. Rather, it is a token of her marital status, a symbol of her purity, and an indication to others that she is married.

diamond mangalsutra

It is a protection for married women

The mangal sutra is supposed to protect married women from evil forces. The belief is that it is the reason why most married women always tuck the mangal sutra into their blouse, never showing it to the world, even when they are alone at home. They do this to protect themselves from any harm. However, the logic behind this belief is not very clear. Some say that it is because the diamond mangalsutra has a yagnopavit, the thread that is used to tie the sacred thread , and it is believed that the some special power. Others say that it is because the five beads of the mangalsutra resemble the five elements of nature. They say that by protecting married women, the mangalsutra also protects the natural world.

It has deep metaphysical meaning

Sometimes, just wearing the diamond mangalsutra alone is not enough. It is better to understand the deeper meaning of the mangal sutra. The five different types of beads in a mangalsutra signify the five elements of nature-Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky. By wearing the mangalsutra, a married woman is bringing balance to the five elements in her life. This is why many women believe in wearing the mangal sutra. The mangal sutra also signifies the five virtues that every married woman must possess – love, peace, courage, patience, and honesty. The mangalsutra is a reminder of the responsibility that every married woman has, to bring positivity to her family and loved ones.

It is a part of your wedding ritual

The diamond mangalsutra is not only meant for married women, it is also meant for unmarried girls. Every girl is supposed to wear the diamond mangalsutra until she finds her life partner. The mangalsutra is tied to the girl’s right hand during her engagement ceremony, after which the groom ties it around the bride’s neck on the day of the wedding. This signifies that the groom accepts the bride and takes her as his wife. Before you wear the mangal sutra, you must make sure that the groom places the string around your neck correctly and that it is tied tightly enough to stay in place.

It is worn to please your husband

One of the reasons why the mangalsutra is worn is to please your husband. Many women are of the opinion that wearing the mangalsutra pleases the husband and makes him happy. Although it is true that the mangal sutra pleases the husband, it does not mean that it should be worn for this reason alone. Every woman must wear the mangalsutra because she believes in the protection it offers and the jewels it holds. Not because she thinks it will make her husband happy.

It is a symbol of love and commitment

The diamond mangalsutra is not only a symbol of love and commitment, but it is also a symbol of strength and endurance. It signifies that the love between the couple is everlasting. The mangal sutra is a symbol of love and commitment for the sake of the couple as well as for their family and friends. It is a public declaration of the love shared between two individuals and their marriage.


The mangal sutra is a part of our culture and has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a symbol of purity and protection for women, it is a part of a girl’s wedding, and it is a symbol of love and commitment. However, people often forget that it is also a symbol of marriage and should be worn by all married women. The reasons why you need to wear the mangal sutra are many, and they are all equally important. So, forget about forgetting to wear the mangal sutra and flaunt your marital status with pride.