The star of any jewellery piece is definitely the gemstone set in it. It’s the quality, cut and make of the gemstones that makes all the difference. Often you will notice two completely similar sets with different gemstones having different impacts. And not all gemstones look equally great in jewellery pieces. So, it’s important to know which ones to pick.


This queen of gems is sure to be the number one choice for anyone who can afford her. Diamonds are exceptionally hard, scratch resistant and possess superlative brilliance. The ones with rich intense colour are more expensive. Look for light pink, canary yellow, pastel green, deep black and champagne….these complement any kind of jewellery. The song “diamonds are a girl’s best friends” wasn’t coined for nothing; these beauties set off a tiered sitahar as well as a simple engagement ring. Online Designer Jewelry made with diamonds is best found at Dishis Jewels

The lovely emerald was reportedly Cleopatra’s “jewel of choice”. These come in deep verdant greens to light sparkling ones and complement jewellery exceptionally well. An emerald has multiple inclusions and fractures inside which makes every stone different. This is why you have to choose your emeralds very carefully. Buy from a jewellery brand or Best Online Jewelry Shop India that has its pieces certified by internationally recognised laboratories like IGI, HRD, SGL, BIS and GIA.

Rubies and Sapphires gemstones

Very few people know this but rubies are actually a coveted variety of corundum (a kind of stone). The other variants (of gemstone quality) are sapphires. Contrary to popular perception ruby and sapphire is different from a diamond though both are tough, rare and brilliant too. Rubies (the colour of pigeon blood) are associated with the passions of the heart and are much preferred as jewels in engagement rings and wedding rings. Sapphires create a more royal and opulent look and set of whatever ornament they may be set it. These stones make marvelous centerpieces when they are set off by a cluster of diamonds.

Amethysts gemstones

If you cannot afford the diamond then an amethyst will do a similar and great job of complementing your piece of Gemstone Jewellery whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or an earring. Amethyst is a kind of quartz and their colour range is from deep purple to light lavender. Amethysts have zero cleavage planes and are very difficult to scratch. The Siberian amethyst (dark purple) creates a regal look while the Rose de France (rose pink) exudes a playful look. Amethysts have calming properties and may symbolise an eternal deep commitment; thus making them a good choice for engagement rings too.


Citrines have become very popular as a gemstone especially amongst Asians as their yellow to golden colour range nicely complements Asian skin tones. The Madeira citrines in particular show a lovely orange colour with sporadic flashes of red. The citrine is durable and generally affordable besides possessing high sheen. Obviously this makes them a good choice for complementing all kinds of jewellery.

Always buy your Gemstone Jewellery from a good trusted source like DishiS Jewels which only deals in authentic handcrafted jewellery with appropriate certifications and warranties.