Almost every woman in this country has worn a chand Bali at some point and marvelled over its beauty. But only very few people know the story behind its creation. The Chandbali earring has been eulogised in many Bollywood movies. Our favourite celebrities’ right from rekha to vidya balan to deepika have sported the chandbali on different occasions. Here is all there is to know about India’s favourite earring.

Chaand-Bali Phonetics

The word Chand in “chandbaali” denotes the moon and the chandbali represents “moon earrings”. These earrings embody the celestial beauty of the moon in their design. You will always notice the shape of a moon in each chandbali. Find online designer jewellery at DishiS Jewels

The Mughal Connection
Not many people know this but the chandbali has a strong Mughal connection. It used to thrive in the Persian kingdoms and in those time the chandbali had typical Persian designs. Later the chandbali got introduced to India vie that Mughal rule. The Mughal princesses, royalty and even the commons folk wore the chandbali with panache. Inter marriages between couples of different states were common in those days because of political ends and this is how the chandbali spread all across India. The Mughal connection still runs strong and often you will see Persian symbols dominating the chandbali. The moon by the way, is one of the commonest Persian symbol. Find amazing Mughal inspired Designer earrings online at Best Online Jewellery Store of India.

Bollywood Bling

You must have noticed innumerable movies flaunting the chandbali look. Ram Leela in particular re-ignited a fresh chandbali craze as Deepika wore loads of chandbalis in her avatar as Leela. Bollywood has always loved chandbaalis because of their beauty and unique shape which can set off the features of any type of face. Even if you have a square jaw cut or a longish face structure; Chandbali can hide imperfections and set off your beauty by its universally appealing look. With a chandbali earring the makeup artist had always an easy task at hand and this is why bolly wood loves these.

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Styling the Chandbali

Styling the chandbali earring is super easy as it complements all ethnic outfits right from sarees to lehengas to anarkalis to indo western gowns to fusion drapes to kurtis. One simple tip to remember, always try and keep your hair away from your face to show your chand Bali properly. The more ornate the chandbali…the simpler the outfit. Find designer earrings online including chandbalis in a jiffy at Designer Galleri