Gold jewellery is a timeless accessory nothing matches its sparkle and sheen. Due to its sheer elegance. We prefer to wear it on occasion as well as make it part of our daily wear. There are times when it has been observed that gold jewellery sometimes accumulates grease. And body oil which results in loss of shine and it appears to be fading. So, in order to take care of precious gold jewellery pieces especially Kundan gold earrings, gold bracelets, gold chokers, gold mangalsutra and so on one must make a lot of effort.

Following are the best ways with which you can maintain your gold jewellery:

Important to keep a check on jewellery that you wear

There are times when you will be wearing your gold bangles, gold chains, gold earrings, bracelets and so on. Whether daily or weekly. However, you might overlook the fact that they need some deep cleansing. It is important that you inspect the jewellery within a span of five to six months. It is imperative to keep a tab on cleaning as well as polishing.Further, if you wear them on a regular basis. Then make sure that it does not build up dirt and grease.

Should be worn properly

In order to maintain your jewellery. You have to wear it very well and one has to make sure that it does not get ruined by wearing it on a regular basis. The pieces that you wear like bangles, chains and rings should be removed before going for a shower. As if you get in touch with soap or detergent the chemical can dull the metal which may require frequent cleaning. Further, if you go into a swimming pool it is important to remove the gold that you are wearing because the chlorine in the water can completely damage it.

Important to store perfectly

It is absolutely imperative to store the gold jewellery as well as possible because it is important to avoid scratches including chemical contact. It is important to avoid keeping gold jewellery with artificial ones as gold is a soft metal and may change shapes. So, in order to avoid scratches and tangles, it has to be kept separately in a velvet box having compartments as well as cloth pouches as this is how they will remain well.

The cleaning timings should be more

The moment you take care of your gold jewellery cleaning becomes an important part of it. So, cleansing them often will reduce the build-up of dirt and grime that keeps the jewellery sparkling year long. In case you want to keep your gold jewellery well so soak them in warm water and
gentle dish soap. After the soaking is over remove it and cleanse it very well. At the end for drying use a soft cloth. 
These are the ways with which you can keep your gold jewellery absolutely well in the most hassle-free way. If you have gold jewellery it is important to take good care of it.