With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is literally in the air and you must be busy planning to do something special on 14th February. Whether you are already in a committed relationship or navigating the world of speed dating and Tinder, every girl wants to look her best on V day. And if you are a guy reading this then you would definitely like your girl to look her best too on this special day. And this is when Dishis jewels steps in with its eclectic and gorgeous collection of diamond and gold jewellery. Know about the best ways you can ace your valentine day look with help from the best online jewellery shopping store India.

Gold heart pendant for valentine

What can be more quintessential
for Valentine’s Day than a classic gold pendant? A beautiful collection of gold
pendants are available on dishisjewels and these will pair nicely both with
ethnic as well as casual outfits. If you cannot afford gold jewellery then you
can look for heart-shaped fashion jewellery too. Right from earrings to
pendants to bracelets with love heart charms; a heart motif is very essential
to notch up your look for your valentine.

Diamond jewellery

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend couldn’t have been wrong. There is something romantic and constant about the sparkle of a diamond. If you are a girl, catch your guy’s attention by donning a simple pair of diamond studs. And if you are a guy seal the deal with your mate by gifting her beautiful diamond ring or a lovely diamond pendant. Dishisjewels also has a great collection of affordable jewellery that doesn’t let the sparkle fade even if you don’t break the bank for it. Buy diamond jewellery online today!

Red accessories for valentine

Red is definitely the favoured
colour for Valentine’s Day. You can put on a pair of red statement earrings or
a pair of jhumkis adorned with red rubies on valentine and the red in
these will express the love and romantic emotions you feel for your significant
other. You can also drape a string of red amethysts over a simple white or
black outfit to create a stunning look.

Statement neckpieces and earrings

If you are wearing a western outfit then choose a matching statement earring or a neckpiece that goes well with it. This way you only have to wear one piece of jewellry and that will be arresting enough to create an entire look. Statement jewellery especially in gold and pearls can quickly transform a simple look into a high fashion statement so you really cannot go wrong with investing in a few pieces.

However you dress up this Valentine’s
Day, remember to keep the tastes and preferences of your significant other in
mind. If your guy likes it minimal then don’t wear heavy jewellery and if your
guy likes the ‘desi vibe’ then wear a beautiful set of bangles that match with
your salwar kameez or pre draped saree. Have fun this Valentine’s Day!