Every bride dreams of looking special on her wedding day and there is really nothing that matches up to the charm and allure of an Indian bride than traditional bridal gold jewellery. Most Indian families end up saving for decades to buy the perfect sets of gold jewellery for their daughters/ sister’s wedding. However with a website like Dishis jewels, that’s super affordable and trustworthy you will get a great collection of ethnic jewellery to choose from and can easily buy gold jewellery online India.


The henna decked beautifully nail
polished hands of a bride demand a lot of gold bangles to set off their beauty
perfectly. A bride’s hands are one of the most photographed aspects of the
wedding so choosing the correct bangles for those hands is a crucial task.
Whether it’s a stackable bunch of gold bangles with plain motifs or an
intricate jadau embellished pair of thick kadas, the hand gold jewellery you choose should
complement your outfit, wedding theme and personality.

Bridal Necklace sets

When it comes to a wedding outfit, it’s always advisable to go with a coordinated bridal set rather than standalone jewellery pieces. Choose one of the embellished sitahars, jadau chokers or decorative bridal necklaces from dishis jewels and your bridal attire is complete. Because the earrings and necklaces and sometimes even a maang tika and naath are perfectly coordinated in these bridal sets, there is no time to choose separate standalone jewellery items.

Bridal Naths

If you have a pierced nose then
you should definitely show it off by wearing a gorgeous Nath that brings your
face alive and sets off your complexion beautifully. Even if you are a
minimalism loving bride, a simple diamond stud on your nose will set off the
beauty of your features. And if you love the ethnic Indian look then a heavy Rajasthan
nath with its pearls and rubies and emeralds drooping to touch your lower lips
… is the perfect sensual accessory for your wedding day.


A maangtika photographs really
well and can hide hairline imperfections intelligently. A matha patti goes a
step further and eliminates the need of investing a lot of time in constructing
an elaborate hairdo. At dishisjewels you will find a gorgeous collection of
mang tikas and matha pattis that can delight a modern as well as traditional
bride. Make sure that you choose a kind of head jewellery that complements your
features. A thin maangtika will accentuate the fragile beauty of a narrow face
while a broad matha patti will make a fuller face look more attractive.


The bondages of the human hearts are signified by rings in almost every kind of wedding across the world. Whether it’s the engagement ceremony or the marriage or the traditional ‘muh dikhai gift’, a couple of coordinated gold rings are the necessary component of any wedding. Choose from a wide variety of diamond and precious gems encrusted rings or even simple gold rings and you will be all set for your wedding.