When you gift gold coins it is always on a special occasion. This includes a 10gm gold coin. Further whenever you gift it is an age-old tradition in India. Be it a festival, wedding, baby shower or first birthday of the baby gold coins come as the best gifting option. People buy gold coins in order to add up to their assets. And they can be used during the time of emergencies. Whatever the reason you can buy gold coins on any online website without any hassles.

Following are the important tips to keep in mind for purchasing gold coins even if you are going for a 10gm gold coin:

The most important thing that the gold buyer has to ensure is the purity of the gold coin that one is purchasing. The focus is the weight percentage in the alloy and fineness that exists in the gold article. The purity of gold is expressed in karat. Further, it is the percentage of precious metal against the alloying element as well as impurities in the alloy of gold.

Hallmarks ensure credibility in the case of purity of gold. The international hallmarking convection makes sure that the gold percentage in the alloy should be above the threshold. The regulatory body of the government of India maintains a certificate for the issue of gold coins. When the hallmarking is done through stamping it is the identity of purity as well as identification of jewellers.

This is the factor that increases the credibility in the case of the purchaser. It is important to ensure that the packaging is tampered proof especially in the case of gold coins. People should avoid tampered packages as jewellers offer no validity in case of purity in such conditions.

Machine-made or human-made coins

The technological advancement in the modern days has entered the business of jewellery so there are gold coins that are machine-made. They have a lesser price as compared to man-made items. When you buy machine-made coins there is authenticity due to laser and stamping facilities

Making charges
The procedure of manufacturing influences a lot on making charges of the gold coins. The craftsmanship used in making complicated designs costs higher than 8 to 10% more than the cost of the gold. This makes gold coins suitable for any kind of investment.

The moment you think of buying a gold coin its available weight is 0.5 grams to 50 grams but if you are looking for some kind of denomination then it all depends on the jewellers.

Jewellery store or website

The brand value of the jewellery store or website that is manufacturing gold coins their reputation is vital. As there are a lot of chances of adulteration and contamination in the purity of gold coins. Therefore, it is great to purchase gold coins for investment purposes.

Rules of selling gold coins
In case you buy a gold coin from a jeweller or bank then you have to know that the gold coins will not be bought back by the jeweller from whom you have purchased as it is the RBI rule. However, if it gets accepted then the jeweller will pay only for the gold and not for the making charge.

In order to buy a variety of gold coins, one can go for Dishis designer jewellery. Here you can get everything starting from a 10gm gold coin. Further, there are gold coins with different types of work on it. Especially in terms of Gods and Goddesses. The variety is such that you are spoilt for choices and you can get things at an affordable price.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gold Coins

The gold coins are very auspicious in terms of luck, wealth, and prosperity. When it comes to India it is the most popular metal both in terms of investment as well as sale. This beautiful metal is not just favored in form of flashy adornments but also in terms of savings as well as good returns in form of money invested in it. The same goes for buying a 10-gram gold coin from Dishis designer jewels. These gold coins have the impression of various Hindu Gods and look absolutely stunning further they are a good reason for investment.

The reason for buying gold coins

Indians have a tendency of buying gold coins for three major purposes and that is for family or corporate gifting, significance that is religious in nature or extremely auspiciousness, and the third one is an investment that is personal. 10-gram gold coins are high in demand during festivals and wedding seasons. Festivals like Diwali, Dhanteras, and Akshaya Tritiya are the best time as it proves to be lucky if you buy them during festivals in the Indian culture. Further, it is also considered to be a good investment because of its pricing, making charges which are negligible and returns that are extremely good. There are investors who purchase coins for saving and the corporates buy for gifting.

Buying gold coins for investment is better than buying jewelry as you buy the gold in the purest form possible and there is a very little making charge if you compare it with gold jewelry. Due to its high demand, one can go through the latest market price and sell without getting into hassles. Another best part about 10-gram gold coin is that there is no maintenance required as you can keep it safe for hundreds of years.