When it comes to gold jewellery it is not just an ornament of fashion for many people rather it is a matter of investment. So, one has to be totally sure of the quality of the gold jewellery that you are buying. Further buying gold jewellery could be a normal task for you but if you do not have adequate information then the deal you are making could be worthless. No matter what buying gold jewellery may not be child’s play but it is not something that you cannot do on your own. The only thing you need is some insight.

The moment you are planning to buy gold jewelry, there are various easy ways to check its purity. This includes buying gold jewellery that has authentic certification by the Bureau of Indian Standard. Here the process is marking all the gold pieces with some important information. This information is popularly known as a hallmark that is required to identify the purity of gold. This BIS standard is created in order to maintain the fineness as well as the purity of the gold. In this blog, you will realize how to test the purity of gold jewellery without too much trouble.

 The best way to check gold jewellery for absolute purity

When you talk about the Bureau of Indian Standard there are four things that have to be kept in mind to determine whether the gold jewellery is pure or not. Those yardsticks are following:

The mark of the BIS standard

Any gold jewellery will have the mark of BIS standard which proves that the purity is verified in one of the BIS labs. The mark will be very familiar with every gold jewelry that you have bought or planning to buy. The only government agency in India is the Bureau of Indian Standard which approves the hallmarking of all items made up of gold. So, whenever you buy gold jewellery always keep the logo in your mind.

Purity in terms of fineness as well as Karat

Another method of determining the purity of gold is through two ways and that is karat as well as fineness. If you go by the BIS standard hallmarking is done at three-level and that is 22k, 18k and 14k gold. On the other hand, when you talk about fineness it is another method of measuring gold.

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Name of the laboratory where it is hallmarked

Another important mark on gold jewellery is the logo of the laboratory from where the gold has been tested. The laboratories that have the license are allowed to put the logo on the gold jewellery.

Identity mark of the jeweller

The gold jewellery that you have purchased from the online store or from a jeweller then in that case there is a stamp on it recognizing the jewellery manufacturer.

These are some of the best ways to check gold purity while you are purchasing gold jewelry without any trouble.

The method regarding how to find out whether gold jewelry is fake or not

It has been observed that gold can be easily imitated into fake jewellery with a blend of various metals. All are aware of the fact that the gold that is below 10k is not considered to be real gold. Following are the various ways to find out whether gold jewellery is genuine or not:

Important to identify the hallmark

The simplest way to find out whether jewellery is genuine or not is by finding out about the hallmark. It is this stamp of hallmark that tells you the percentage of gold that it comprises. The hallmarks are generally printed on the clasp or inner side of the jewellery.

Test with the help of a magnet

It is one of the easiest tests that can be carried out at home. The fact is pure gold does not get attracted by a magnet so if your gold jewellery gets attracted by a magnet then it proves that it is not pure.

Go for a ceramic test

Another uncomplicated test is rubbing the gold piece against the ceramic. If the ceramic has a gold streak, then it’s real if the ceramic turns black then it is not real.

Opt for a float test

Take a container full of water and immerse the gold into it if it is real, it will sink but if not, it will float. So, it is a very successful test.

Acid test

Gold does not get corroded if you put it into acid. The only one which will get spoilt is the one that is not real. Also, apply nitric acid to your gold jewelry then in that case the one that is absolutely fake will turn green, the one with sterling silver will be milky and the last one if it remains transparent then it is pure gold.

In conclusion, we can say that gold jewellery if bought should be carefully done. Hope this blog will be of some good use to you. You can choose gold by keeping in mind the above points and you can also conduct the test of purity easily at home.

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