When your clothes are on the verge of getting faded you don’t think twice about replacing them. Likewise on the other hand if the handbag shows the sign of wear and tear you quickly think about getting another one. But when it comes to jewellery the story is totally different.

If you talk about diamond jewellery no matter how expensive it is it may lose its sparkle with the passage of time. Even though diamond is known to be the hardest stone yet it can get chipped or fall out from the setting and so on. But if they are taken care of well like pendants, earrings, rings, and bangles they will look totally new throughout life. Below are the tips regarding how to maintain diamond jewellery well:

Always avoid touching the diamonds too much

It is a known fact that the less you touch the diamond better it is because every time you touch the diamond the oil from the skin gets transferred to it. Over time a layer gets deposited on the stone which makes it look very dirty. Further, it is believed that jewelry made up of diamonds should not be used while applying cream, lotions, or hairspray. All this leads to a loss of luster from the diamond as water and grease stick to the diamond.

It is important to clean the diamond regularly

It is believed with the passage of light diamond sparkles until and unless oil and dirt prevent the passage of light. Also, diamonds are easy to clean only things required are lukewarm water, a soft toothbrush, and mild soap. The method is to soak the diamond in soapy water and carefully clean it with a soft toothbrush. It is important to clean both fronts as well as the backside of the diamond jewellery where the dirt is accumulated. The habit of cleaning diamonds should be once a fortnight.

A gentle touch is required

The prong that holds a diamond can be easily broken so do not handle the diamond ornaments very carelessly. So, when one is cleaning one should not put too much pressure. Also, it is important not to use a hard toothbrush. Further, if the diamond ornament gets entangled in the cloth it is important to pull it softly.

Do not wear diamonds too often

People who own diamond ornaments should be aware of the fact that when to use them and when to leave them in the box. Diamonds can be worn all the time but there are occasions when it is to be avoided if one is visiting a beach party it is important to leave the diamond ornaments at home because there will be water and it can make the diamond ornament fall off quickly. Also, diamonds should be kept away from chlorine.

Should be stored properly

It is important to keep the diamond damage-free as if the stones rub against each other they can damage the ornament because each stone has come in contact. If by any chance diamond gets damaged there is no way you can store its sparkle. That’s why it is important to store the diamond individually without bringing them in contact with each other. It is advised to use a fabric-based case.

A time-to-time inspection needed

Not only the diamond has to be taken care of but also the metal that is holding it. It is important to be aware that the prongs holding the diamond should be of equal length. If one length is shorter than the other then it is time to take it to the jeweler.

This is how diamonds remain beautiful once you take good care of them. With the above tips, diamonds can remain beautiful forever the way you purchased them for the first time.