May 10th, 2024, the day of Akshaya Tritiya, on which proliferation and commencing something new is the most propitious, comes. This great festival provides all of us a chance to ensure that good luck follows you and buy gold jewellery from Dishis Jewels! It is a priceless item that will forever shine with the radiance of your heart’s desire. By the end of the digital revolution, what jewellery is historically symbolized in Akshaya Tritiya, and what fantastic pieces could you find this year on the Dishis Jewels? We will investigate the mystery and check the sparkling newbies that elevate your jewellery look.


Akshaya Tritiya is doing more than just enjoying the season and festive; it rather implies a time to invest in auspicious future beginnings. The golden and strong yellow metal admired for its beautiful colours while evoking prosperity is in the spotlight. This day is seen as a day that every woman should proudly wear jewellery made up of gold at least once in her lifetime, especially if it is a piece that brings value and blessings of riches and peace for many centuries to come. 


Dishi Jewels, conscious of this tradition’s importance, gives you a range of selections matched with elegance to express the festival’s soul.

Akshaya Tritiya with Dishis Jewels.

Leaping in the jewellery industry, Dishis Jewels offers a collection of magnificent new arrivals waiting to be acquired on Akshaya Tritiya 2024. Adorn yourself with a splendour of arresting models polished with quality materials and refined artisanship. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

1.  Savitri Diamond Mangalsutra: The Sum of Love in Every Classic Detail

The Savitri Diamond Mangalsutra is a stunning ornament representing the festiveness of the infinite power of love and commitment. Guess what? Delineate is a beautiful 18k gold chain, exquisitely ornamented with floral filigree, an Indian traditional relief work recognized for its subtle elegance. The necklace dazzles exquisitely as it coils around the neck and culminates in the centrepiece – a marvellous pendant studded with a solitaire diamond, blinding in its radiance that will forever symbolize their love. 

diamond mangalsutra

The mangal-sutra is not a mere adornment; it’s a proud heritage that will be held dear and passed on from generation to generation. Savitri Diamond Mangalsutra, an epitome of ever-lasting love and prosperity, can be put in place of a financial investment customary in most houses on Akshaya Tritiya.

2.  Neelami Diamond Ring: combining sparkling material with beautiful cloth. 

The Neelami Diamond Ring is the attraction of modern design with time-honoured flair. Shining and elated 18k gold craft will be the ring’s foundation, with gorgeous diamond studs in the centre. All these aren’t just a collection of stones, but they are a marvellous micro pave setting that studded positions each diamond closely together, creating a stunning and unforgettable shower of sparkle. 


The Neelami ring sets the new standard for the contemporary lady who loves fashionably bold designs with a dash of timeless excellence that shines for generations. Let us bring your sense of freshness and new start to this Akshay Tritiya with this mesmerizing piece. 

3. Aadvika Diamond Ring: Timeless Beauty

The Aadvika Diamond Ring is a symbol of esthetics from the classical era. A gold 14k band is the base, which has the solitaire diamond.  Its cut justifies Dishi Jewels’ passion for perfection and fine components. The real diamond is the main attraction, glittering inspiratingly with beauty that conveys the light and the feeling of unchangeable tenderness from within. The Aadvika ring is ideal for a woman who loves to have a timeless design and intends to own these pieces for eternity. Wear that Eternity Knot that Akshaya Tritiya symbolizes timeless style and an omen of prosperity. 

4. Aahna Gold and Diamond Pendant

Aahna Gold and Diamond Pendant symbolises the everlasting class whose exquisite style is the most suitable for the modern woman. A precious 14k gold chain and a pendant with a single diamond as its heart and the light it reflects are captivating and inimitable. They surround the central diamond with a halo of smaller diamonds, each carefully set to offer the desired glow and sparkle. 


The Aahna Pendant makes a smart choice for the adaptable woman who loves to wear a combination of simplistic and grand appearances when attending a day or night business event. Enter the fashion space with an outfit that will go with your current look and styles that will develop for your taste. 

5.  Zunaira Rose Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

The Zunaira Rose Gold Diamond stud earrings will complete every jewellery collection. These delicately designed earrings feature rose studs made of gold, as rose gold belongs in the warmth of yellow gold while cold in the elegance of silver. A stud at each ear is covered with an impressive single brilliant diamond, well-cut and emanating the light towards the captivating reflection. Small crystal embellishments on the Zunaira earrings partner with casual wear to elevate their look and provide a subtle luxury touch. 


If you buy something on Akshaya Tritiya, pick an item that will tell the story of (straightforwardness and humility), and there is classic beauty all around. 

6. Ailani Diamond Mangalsutra

Try to see it this way – a stream of winking shining diamonds draping on your neck to reflect the sparkling light with astonishing effervescence. That is a brand’s power: the multi-part Hybridity (the Ailani Diamond Mangalsutra) is the magic behind this beautiful piece. The masterpiece is highlighted by a refined 18K gold chain from which a series of larger-to-smaller-sized diamonds are graduating.  Each diamond is picked for the exact size and shine. 


The Ailani Diamond Mangalsutra is a piece of outstanding jewellery, perfect for unique events or for women who like to impress others with a classic taste but with the grandiosity of exceptional creation. Attract people’s attention to Akshaya Tritiya with an article that symbolises luxury and wishing good luck for the new year ahead. 

7. Amber Diamond Pendant

The Amber Diamond Pendant is one of a kind, which purposely combines the matchless beauty of pearls with the sparkling shine of diamonds. This enchanting piece possesses a subtle 14k gold chain that makes up its base and holds the pearl on it, a symbol of light that reflects the light softly but clearly. The Anika necklace is ideal for someone who likes a sweet spot of traditional but slightly modern. To be celebrated on Akshaya Tritiya, find a piece that encompasses an indelible style and symbolises the start of an auspicious and fortunate journey. 

8. Zahir Gold Cufflinks

Akshaya Tritiya unarguably is the day most often for ladies regarding jewellery, but Dishis Jewels don’t miss their potential male customers. The Zahir Gold Cufflinks represent utmost discretion and elegant beauty.  They are not just ordinary cufflinks but something more produced by talented goldsmiths. These magnificent cuffs came to life from fashionably crafted 18k gold, perfectly catching the light with a warm sparkle when polished. 


Zahir cufflinks are, hence, the ideal finisher to complete the look of any form of evening attire because they simply result in the impression of success. In honour of this priceless moment, the gift for this occasion is simply a pair of Zahir Gold Cufflinks cufflinks to mark his grandeur and originality for all time. 

Why Choose Gold Jewelry This Akshaya Tritiya?

Beyond its symbolic significance on Akshaya Tritiya, gold jewellery offers a multitude of benefits: Beyond its symbolic significance on Akshaya Tritiya, gold jewellery offers a multitude of benefits:


Enduring Value:

Gold has a long history of displaying its values and may be used as a safer investment. For many years, the gold jewellery bought on Akshaya Tritiya may remain the favourite ornament and be admired by its owners, and the appraisal is most likely to get higher. 


Timeless Beauty:

Similarly, the breathtaking beauty of gold no longer remains regardless of the time. Through careful craftsmanship, the fashioning of good-quality gold jewellery can be a family’s most precious item handed down from one generation to another. 


As the gold jewellery matches various styles and outfits, the customers can customize their purchases to create a unique look. Whether a simple personal or a spectacular, people always Count on gold to fulfil it. 


The gold metal can be so much stronger and almost scratch-free. Dishes Jewels’ gold jewellery not only provides momentary happiness, but as time passes, it becomes a valuable, timeless heirloom that should carry on for generations.

On Akshaya Tritiya, this year, start on an endless journey of fortunate investment and purchase something that symbolizes beauty, time, and adaptability. Drop in Dishis Jewels and check out their intriguing, up-to-date styles to get the matching piece of this Akshaya Tritiya. Shop Now from Dishis Jewels!