The Cannes Film Festival turns the French destination Riviera into a revolving star all year. But beyond the dazzling premieres and A-list attendees, there’s another red-hot competition happening: the best jewels salutation. Cannes is an important place in the world for showing handmade jewelry. Brands of leading luxury companies can put their jewels on VIPs and make the headlines soon.

Like the Oscars are for fashion houses, Cannes is a high point of the year for most jewelry brands that place luxury at the center of their services. It becomes a world stage where their best works are showcased, and only the most glamorous of the nation wears it. 

Events create the entire image of any company. That is why we are ready to serve you during the red carpet events and provide pieces that can be paired perfectly with supermodel gowns. This can instantly elevate the company’s look and generate immense publicity if you have any doubts! With her rosy cheeks and sparkles in her diamond necklace, it will become the talk of the town, and the designer will get one step closer to superstardom. It is just Cannes: it does the trick!

Red Carpet Jewelry Highlights 2024

It was magic! Unique, Cannes was a kaleidoscope of dazzling jewels. The most glittery of the gems, however, diamonds remained the first choice, but some stunning ornaments were still the most on-trend.

 Colored Gemstones: The colors didn’t go away, rather, we saw a decline in demand for diamonds, and jewelry studded with colored gemstones became more popular. The sparkling emerald necklace by Chopard from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan became the talk of the Billboard red carpet as its deep green color perfectly matched her dazzling gown.

 Statement Earrings: Bling earrings were a taste that’s more often. Through Boucheron’s rhinestone chandelier earrings adorned by Naomi Campbell that dispel diamonds each time she moves, a simple casting spell was created.

 High Jewelry Suites: A set of cute balls made from the same materials, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, was also popular. Anya Taylor-Joy embodied a goddess in the modern era with Tiffany & Co.’s diamond creation, which was a gorgeous and dominant piece.

 Sustainable Luxury: Now, there is a need to be more conscious, and some celebrities made their conscious choice. The Ethically sourced sapphire earrings by Greta Gerwig were a great example of proving that luxury can be eco-friendly.

Celebrities and Their Statement Jewels

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most unforgettable jewelry moments from Cannes 2024:

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: A Touch of Indian Royalty

At this year’s Cannes International Film Festival, Aishwarya Bachchan removed her media headlines with her magnificent jewelry accessories and eye-catching fashion design. She paired a Dolce & Gabbana dress with black moire fabric and patterned flowers made with the 3D printer. She accessorized her clothes adorned with some nice jewelry which not only gave a special look to her but more so made her more glamorous. The statement of Aishwarya with a silver bracelet on her hand came out as a great contrast to her outfit. The bracelet was simple and brought her outfit to life, adding just enough modern, trendy touch to complete her look. The look was more stunned by diamond drop earrings. Aishwarya’s precise attention to detail, along with Akshay’s expertise, helped create a stunning look.

  • Kiara Advani Stunned the Look

 Kiara was dressed in a pink and black dress with a ribbon on the back and black lace gloves, and the accessories were an impressive yellow gold Rs. The necklace is the 30-crore BVLGARI Serpenti, and the pink gold BVLGARI ring. The jewelry sets her look apart from others. The gorgeous necklace stunned the look and the diamond necklace was obviously giving her the royal look. 


  • Naomi Campbell 

    Chopardís jewelry got a chance to rival this beauty through Naomi Campbell dazzling in a Celine gown. She was stunned by a remarkable set of Chopard diamond necklaces and earrings that went well with her silver sequined dress; hence, it had a look with a touch of light that faded in the reflection of her attire. After all, she has a beautifully Bulgari “Serpenti Ocean Treasure” necklace of diamonds, sapphires, citrine, and green garnet. A cushion cut bisected and split into two drops, each with a designed setting of 8 carats surrounded by infinity. 02-carat​ Sri Lankan standard cut sapphire​.

    • Anya Taylor 

    Anya Taylor-Joy shined, mixing her rifled Dior suit with a matching unbelievable spread of Tiffany & Co. pieces. Her outlook remained truly vintage; the simple appearance was enhanced with a set of diamonds and matching earrings, which matched a combination of classy and trendy features throughout her whole look.


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    • Chris Hemsworth

    Chris Hemsworth took on his classic look, completing the ensemble with an Omega watch and a Cartier cuff bracelet. The addition of his sleek and highly fashionable accessories was a fine detail that gave his tailored tux cut a touch of elegance, finishing off his well-done reddish-carpet look.


    Jewelry and Fine Jewelry Trends in Cannes 2024

    While these Indian celebrities’ appearances at Cannes 2024 may project their unique styles, their magnificent culture, rich in fashion diversity, emerges as the main significant element on the world stage.

    Last year’s Cannes Film Festival 2024 saw jeweler brands that created and showcased a wide collection of heavy and unique styles that, in some way, reflected the season’s trend for statement pieces and unorthodox designs.

    Pearls and Pastels: Finally, as shown in many recent collections, diamonds continued to soar, mostly paired with light colors to form a soft, romantic theme. Besides this, we have choker necklaces and earrings with pearl beading, adding a touch of grace but imperative to the green carpet beauty scenes.

     Chunky Cuffs and Bangles: This year, however, we went against jewellery of minimal designs with a focus on chunky bangles and tall cuffs. They won’t only be an advantageous embellishment for your outfits. Still, they will also be seen peeking out beneath sleeves or worn over the gloves, thus emphasizing a more extravagant and stylish identity.

     Silver and Mixed Metals: Silver accessories also became vogue in this period and were very much in line with the cool and fresh trend. Further, this trend also involved combining used metals, such as silver and gold, in one design, establishing various styles.

     Vintage Cuts and Statement Stones: The vintage-like jewelry designs were popular again, among which the Old European and Old Mine cut diamonds were most demanded. These cuts are one of a kind and help replicate that authentic vintage feel, making your fit stand out. Watermelon, rutile quartz, and agates were some of the stones seen frequently in the 2024 design.

    The Cannes Film Festival, alongside films, accumulates this otherness. It’s a parade of fashion and glitz, and there’s no doubt that gigantic cut diamonds are the show’s star. For the last year, the American public embraced rainbow colors, their individualistic tastes, and the world’s sustainability, thus setting them as a role model for the future of finery jewelry. Hence, keep your eye open in the year ahead for the next bunch of feed jewels to overshadow the display of those amazing adornments you saw on the Cannes red carpet.


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