When you think of love and commitment. It is important to solemnize the bond which is meant for a lifetime. For ages, gold has been solemnizing bonds and making them beautiful. So, here we will talk about mangalsutra design in gold. When mangalsutra is tied around the neck. It shows one is trying to protect the tender relationship from the evil eye of the world. The moment you talk about the gold mangalsutra. It stands for purity and sanctity that solemnize the bond of marriage. This is the kind of bliss that mangalsutra in gold radiates.

The Different Types of Gold Mangalsutra designs

There is plenty of Mangalsutra design in gold that you can ever come across. Some of them have been explained below:

Short Mangalsutra designs

When it comes to short mangalsutra. It is very popular with millennial brides. They are short in size and sit correctly on the neckline. Which goes well with all the attires that are western, contemporary, or fusion. A short mangalsutra can be paired with gold designs to increase the glam quotient. And it also gives the traditional vibe. The most suitable short mangalsutra is made up of simple designs.

Long Mangalsutra designs

The long mangalsutra offers the greatest charm. So that it goes well with Indian attires like sarees. As it is excellent with traditional clothes. There are different mangalsutra models available in the market which is better than the other.

Simple Mangalsutra design

Simple mangalsutra is long and plain and are a combination of gold and black beads chain. They are great with traditional attire and come at a great price.

Gold Mangalsutra pendants

When it comes to mangalsutra there is a pure black bead chain with this. You can pick up a gold pendant to add beauty and grace to it. One can purchase a single mangalsutra with black beads and captivating gold pendants. The gold pendants can be of different shapes like leafy vines, abstract artwork, geometric designs and so on. This is how you can add the gold pendant according to the dress that you are wearing and create your own precious treasure.

Certified gold mangalsutra online

One can get certified and authentic gold mangalsutra online. It includes BIS hallmark and you can get complete trust in the case of your online jeweller. BIS is basically an Indian origin for hallmarking of gold jewellery. This initiative ensures trust and reliability in the jeweller. It always proves that your jewellery is extremely genuine. Further, it is the duty of the customer to ask for the invoice as well as a certificate while you are purchasing your jewellery. The same goes for mangalsutra design in gold.

Gold mangalsutra at Dishis designer jewellery

Dishis Designer jewellery is the epitome of gold jewellery. When it comes to e-commerce websites. There is plenty of availability when it comes to mangalsutra design in gold at Dishis designer jewellery. Here are some gold mangalsutra that you can shop at Dishis like Aabha 18k yellow gold mangalsutra, Aadhya 18k yellow gold mangalsutra and so on. So, without wasting any more time grab the opportunity now. And get the finest quality of designs in terms of mangalsutra especially gold.

Mangalsutra is a type of jewellery that you have to wear throughout your life. Below given are some of the ways you can stylize your mangalsutra with:

Add elegance to your Indian traditional clothes by wearing mangalsutra that has embellishment of pearl. It is a designer piece that you can wear with sarees or salwar kameez. Further, if you are going to a party, especially a wedding. Then wear a long-chained design and to complete your look properly go for earrings and nose pins. In the end, when you go for gold-plated mangalsutra. It looks stunning with kanjivaram sarees. You can also wear mangalsutra with western clothes.