When you talk about diamonds. They are more than just aesthetically pleasing objects. As they have an incredibly interesting origin. Diamonds came into existence million years ago. And we can find them in locations that have experienced volcanic activities. In this blog, we will understand everything related to diamonds.

How do diamonds come to the surface of the earth?

The creation of the natural diamonds started around a hundred miles below the surface of the earth. Each piece of natural diamond is composed of pure carbon. That was compressed by the pressure of the earth over a significant period of time. And today is the hardest substance found naturally on the surface of the earth. In today’s time, there are plenty of synthetic and laboratory-grown diamonds available on the market. The fact of the matter is that they are also made up of carbon. But they are not natural. As they don’t have an earthly origin the way real diamonds have. The only drawback is that there is a lack of unique qualities that are infused when it comes to real diamonds.

Diamonds are the oldest possible stone that you can come across

Around 4000 years back. The first diamond was discovered in a cave in India. But the journey of diamonds began billions of years ago. The stones that we observe in diamond jewellery today started their formation one to three billion years ago. This makes the natural diamond the oldest thing that you can ever touch. The markings of the natural diamond and inclusions of their symbols determine their actual age. And we call them small-time capsules that tell you the story of earth’s formation elaborately. All this proves that diamonds are an extremely old thing that you can ever come across.

Diamonds are the rarest thing that you can ever get to know

Natural diamonds are a never-ending resource. The recovery of natural diamonds was at its peak till 2005. And ever since that time. It has been decreasing. If the total amount of one-carat diamond that we recover annually has the ability to fit inside an exercise ball. Diamonds are something that is touchable and a miracle of nature. It is the work of craft found beneath. The earth’s surface over millions of years. So, when you talk about natural diamonds, they are precious, extremely unique, and very rare. LGDs are also known to have a similar crystal structure. We manufacture them on a repeatable basis. The only thing that you can infer from. that is they do not have the unique qualities of the diamond.

Diamond symbolizes love

The word “diamond” originated from the term “Adamas”. Which actually means unbreakable. It was Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Who ordered the creation of the first diamond ring for his lady love Mary of Burgundy. Since then, diamonds became a symbol of everlasting love.