Evil eye pendant

Every culture worldwide has its unique set of symbols and meanings. One of these is the Evil Eye, which originates from numerous cultures, including Persian, Turkish, and Greek. The Evil Eye is a visual representation of protection from curses and jinxes, with three different variations. This article will explore the best ways to wear an evil eye pendant and why it’s important for your personal style.

Are you the kind of person who likes to have a lot of different accessories? Do you like putting on various kinds of jewelry? Do you get excited about having new ways to express yourself through what you wear? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we think you’ll love an evil eye pendant! However, if you aren’t familiar with this piece of jewelry, let us explain. 

Best Guide for the Evil Eye Pendant

An evil eye pendant is typically circular, featuring a blue eye with many small black and yellow details. It is believed to ward off negative energy and bring good luck to its wearer; as such, it is often given as a gift or worn for special occasions. Since there are so many different designs, exactly how you should wear one if you decide it’s for you! Here are some helpful tips about how best to wear an evil eye pendant:

Check the metal type.

Before putting an evil eye pendant on, check the metal type: You’ll want to ensure that it’s not too heavy for your skin since wearing something too tight can quickly become uncomfortable. Some metals can also be irritating when they come into contact with your skin, so it’s important to check so that you don’t get a rash! If you want to wear an evil eye pendant but don’t know what kind of metal it is made from, there are several ways to figure it out. First, you can simply ask the seller what type of metal it is and if it’s something you can wear. Alternatively, you can feel the pendant with your hands and try to determine what kind of metal it is by touch alone.

Wear it with a chain

If you like to wear necklaces but are unsure if you’ll be able to incorporate an evil eye pendant into your outfit, you might want to try putting it on a chain. This way, you can wear the pendant as a necklace, but it won’t be a standalone piece of jewelry: If you want to wear an evil eye pendant as a necklace, you’ll want to make sure that it’s a chain that’s the right length for you. Some pendants are designed to be worn at a certain height, while others can be worn at any length. If you’re not sure what kind of chain your pendant comes with, it’s best to ask a sales associate, like those at Pandora Jewelry, for help so that you can wear it correctly.

Wear it as a bracelet

evil eye bracelet

If you like to wear bracelets, you could easily add an evil eye pendant to your accessory collection! If your bracelet is elastic or you have a few different types lying around, you can try sliding the pendant into the bracelet so that it sits against your skin. This way, you’ll get the benefits of wearing a bracelet, but you won’t lose the pendant since the elastic band encloses it. If you want to wear an evil eye pendant as a bracelet. This way, you won’t lose your pendant if you move around a lot during the day.

Wear it as an earring

If you like to wear earrings and you have pierced ears, you might be able to add an evil eye pendant to your earring collection! Earrings are typically small enough to fit one at a time, but you may be able to wear a pair of earrings. If it’s too big or too small, you may experience pain or find that it falls out easily. If you’re unsure what size you should get, you can always ask a sales associate for help.


If you’re a person who likes to wear lots of different pieces of jewelry, an evil eye pendant can be a great addition to your collection! While there are many ways to wear this piece of jewelry, be sure to choose a pendant that is the right size for your ears or fingers and made from a material that won’t irritate your skin. With the right evil eye pendant, you’ll have many new ways to express your style!

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